Axis Deer

Texas Hill Country

Hill Country is famous for its wildlife and hunting opportunities. One species, in particular, brings hunters from around the world, Axis deer. Occurring in Hawaii, Texas, and Florida, the deer are hearty, adaptive animals who thrive in warm climates. Similar to the elk, Axis are also extremely vocal. Males are sometimes known to bugle, bark, or bellow coarsely. The rolling hills, dense vegetation, ample water supply, and the temperate climate of Hill Country create the perfect habitat for Axis.

Massive Antlers

For the hunter, a primary reason for hunting these regal deer is their unusual and large antlers. The deer can be hard-horned at any time of the year, and in Texas, can be hunted year-round. Hunters prize the hard-horn antlers and the velveted antler for impressive mounts. Males often have 3 points per antler with an occasional 4th tine.

The meat of the Axis deer is also prized by hunters. The flavor is tender and mild with approximately 1% fat.


Originally from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, the Axis deer were introduced to Texas in 1932.  Also known as Chintal or Cheetal deer, Axis deer can also be called Spotted Deer.The name Spotted Deer was given for all the white spots that cover their red-orange hair. Thriving in the Edwards Plateau, estimated populations in Texas exceed 46,00 animals.

Hunting Opportunities

Axis deer are considered an invasive species in Texas. Therefore, Axis can be hunted year round. At Rancho Madroño, we offer Axis buck hunts with axis doe add-on hunts year-round. Our high-fence hunts, with comfortable blinds, and luxury lodging, offer hunts for the discerning hunting enthusiast. Learn more about our Axis hunts.

Did you know? Axis were introduced to Texas in 1932. Originally from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, these regal deer are prized for their large antlers and tasty meat. A Texas exotic hunt.

Rancho Madroño is a Texas Hunting Ranch located in Hill Country about 20 minutes west of San Antonio. Our ranch has a thriving Axis deer herd and offers many hunting opportunities for hunting enthusiasts, corporate hunts, and vacation lodging. We pride ourselves on offering Whitetail Deer with South Texas genetics in a challenging wooded and sloping terrain typical of Hill Country.