12 March, 2021

Axis Meat Best Tasting Venison

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Axis Meat - Nature's Best Venison Voted the best venison by Spruce Eats, Axis has long been prized for its tasty meat. While many hunt Axis for their interesting antlers and beautiful cape, seasoned Axis hunters know the best prize lies in the table fare. Like all wild game, Axis are naturally low in fat. Axis meat is a good source of iron niacin and riboflavin. The mixture of fats found in wild game are thought to help lower cholesterol and reduce chronic disease risk. Axis meat is very tender and very flavorful. Cook Axis venison the same as you would any other venison. Allow meat to rest covered in foil for a few minutes before serving to preserve moisture and warmth. Axis Meat Nutritional Information Based on 4 oz of Axis Meat Fat Grams 1.9 Protein Grams 26 Calories 120 Cholesterol mg 59 How to Prepare Axis Venison Axis meat is naturally flavorful and tender as well as low in fat. Grilling Axis wrapped in a strip of bacon is one technique to add fat to the meat making it juicier. Consider seasoning the meat with pepper and other herbs during [...]

14 February, 2021

Exotic Hunts Near San Antonio TX

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NEW EXOTIC HUNTS Hunting is our passion. In addition to Axis hunts, we are now offering hunts for Scimitar Horned Oryx on our sprawling ranch. The hunt goes on year-round with our Blackbucks and Mouflon Ram hunts. Plan your next exotic hunt Rancho Madroño! Call 346-302-4613 for availability. COMBO HUNTS This spring we are offering deals on combo hunts. Hunt hogs, axis deer, whitetail does, or an exotic animal. Learn more about our exotic hunts Rancho Madroño is a Texas Hunting Ranch located in Hill Country about 20 minutes west of San Antonio, Texas. We pride ourselves on offering Whitetail Deer with South Texas genetics in a challenging wooded and sloping terrain typical of Hill Country. Hunt exotics or hogs year-round on our secluded ranch.

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